The tomato, the king of food in kitchens

If there is a fundamental element that coincides in many of the kitchens (if not the majority) of the world, that is the tomato. Who does not have a variety of tomato in their fridge?

This vegetable comes from the Solanaceae plant, being one of the foods of this plant that more properties contribute to health. In Spain the tomato can be found throughout the year, thanks for one part to our climate and, on the other, to the existing production in greenhouses. The normal cycle of growing tomatoes is during the summer, and late cycle runs from September to February but, as we have said, thanks to the greenhouses you can also enjoy extraearly cycle tomatoes (since mid-February) and early cycle (since mid-May). and in this way the demand for tomatoes is covered the whole year.

Undoubtedly one of the most striking aspects of tomatoes is their fiery red color. Did you know that this comes from its lycopene content? This substance, in addition to giving it the characteristic color, is a very powerful antioxidant that does not get to become vitamin A and that provides many beneficial properties.

The tomato is one of the key elements within the Mediterranean diet and its properties and benefits guarantee it. Besides, the tomato has many uses, you can eat it alone, in salad, rubbed in bread or use it cooked for a dish, its versatility makes you add even more points and you always have some at home. If we add to all this the great availability of tomatoes that we have in Spain, is more than justified its great use at culinary level.

tomate planta

The organoleptic properties of tomatoes

¿Conoces a fondo el tomate? Seguro que lo has comido millones de veces pero, ¿a que no sabes su composición? Te dejamos con lo que aportan 100 gramos comestibles de tomate.

  • Calorías: 18 kilocalorías.
  • Agua: 94,2g.
  • Hidratos: 3,5g.
  • Fibra: 1,8 gramos.
  • Proteínas: 1mg.
  • Grasas: 0.2mg.
  • Carotenos: 820 mcg.
  • Vitamina C: 24 mg.
  • Otras sustancias: licopenos.

Do you know the tomato thoroughly? Surely you have eaten it millions of times but, what do you not know its composition? This is what 100 grams of edible tomato contribute.

  • Calories: 18 kilocalories.
  • Water: 94.2g.
  • Hydrates: 3.5g.
  • Fiber: 1.8 grams.
  • Proteins: 1mg.
  • Fats: 0.2mg.
  • Carotenes: 820 mcg.
  • Vitamin C: 24 mg.
  • Other substances: lycopenes.

In addition to all this, it has a high intake of vitamins B, C, A and E and also in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Tomato properties that you should not overlook

The tomato, besides having a tasty taste that few can resist, has many beneficial properties for your health that you should not lose sight of. We tell you the most important:

  • It helps reduce the risks of cerebral vascular accident.
  • Tomato improves the state of the brain functions, making these age more slowly.
  • It is an important aid in cholesterol reduction.
  • Tomato helps fight the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps eliminate toxins thanks to the diuretic effect it provides.
  • It is good to fight infections, because its consumption helps to strengthen the immune system and, thus, to fight against the emergence of diseases.
  • It is a good companion for regulating intestinal transit and making better digestion thanks to its fiber content (especially if it is eaten with skin). Of course, its intake is not recommended for people who have kidney stones.
  • It makes skin protector of UV rays.
  • Helps hypertensives, because it is a low-sodium food.

In addition to this, the tomato is a great ally for the loss of body weight. This is due to its high water content, which helps with the elimination of toxins, and its satiating effect, which makes it a perfect food to include in the diet.

Tomate mephistus

Tips to make the most of tomatoes

If the tomatoes are already a perfect food, it is possible to get even more out of them with a few simple tips that we reveal next.

Surely you buy the best tomatoes in the city but sometimes you may find that these are too green, so they need a time to finish maturing. A way to accelerate this maturation is to leave the tomato in the sun or wrapping the tomato with paper and put it in the fridge. Surely these two tips will help you enjoy your tomato even more.

Another point to make the most of tomatoes is to know how to peel them. While it is true that the skin contains innumerable beneficial properties, it is also true that not all organisms tolerate it equally. If you need to peel the tomato and you do not have the impression that you are wasting a lot of this take note: Put the tomato under hot running wáter and this will help you to peel the skin more easily. Another advice on this topic is that you can pass the part of the knife that does not cut over the surface of the tomato, so that it scrapes. Then, with a small cut on the top the skin will detach.

Finally, surely you’ve got your favorite way of dress the tomatoes, right? We know that this is difficult to change because when we like something we always try to do it like that but, what if you give it a chance to season it with basil and a clove of garlic? We anticipate that the result is really exquisite.

In Consorfrut we have a great variety of tomatoes that, just seeing them, will make your mouth water. Within our brands SunflavourPrivilege, Mephistus and La Parisienne, you will find our traditional tomatoes, in addition to the cherry tomatoes in its four variants. What’s your favorite?

Sunflavour tomate


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