Ready for the new challenges 2021 brings

With great pleasure, we are fortunate enough to share with you that CONSORFRUT SL is facing all of this year 2020 difficulties with success. A fantastic team, which makes possible that tons of fresh fruit and vegetables are distributed amongst so many homes around the World, as has been the last 20 years. We are now prepared for the new challenges that 2021 will bring with total believe that we will keep on truck.

Providers, clients and workers, all of them are key to overcome one year such as this one; difficult, different, unsure, unexpected, but also, extraordinary. The special effort made by all of them places Consorfrut like a reference company in this sector.

We maintain steady towards offering on season fresh products along the entire year. We believe that offering a strong, reliable customer service, which facilitates all the process until delivery of our products to final destination.

Due to this new situation, we had to increase hygiene and security measures with which we are operating and that will last over time. For all of this, we must show our gratitude towards all out collaborators, for their great implication today and in the coming time.

Shall keep looking after each other.




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