Everything you need to know about Bioproducts

Bioproducts are products which have been naturally treated. This means that, they haven’t been treated with pesticides or chemical products, plus have been farmed following nature cycles. Of course, they are not transgenic, or in other words, they havn’t been genetically modified.

Brussel’s Normative is guaranteed. This Normative approves the recognition of Bioproducts by every Autonomous Community by means of their territorial Ecological Agriculture Councils.

In Consorfrut, we care for our Bioproducts, which are:

–          Brunch Tomato

–          Green Pepper

–          Bicolor Pepper

–          Cucumber

–          Courgette

–          Aubergine


Reasons why you should eat Bioproducts

Consuming Bioproducts is consuming natural and healthy products. Eventhough they are becoming more popular, only few people know the reasons why these products should be consumed.

–          Bioproducts don´t contain pesticides

This is the most common reason. In conventional agriculture, there are more tan 400 pesticides used, these proved being neurotoxic, allergens and carcionogenic. This means that more tan half the fruits and veggies you’re eating contain some of these residues. Although Health Authorities ensure that security levels are not compromissed, it is demonstrated that we intake 0,4 mg of pesticides out of every kilogram of fruit or vegetables on average.

–          Bioproducts contain more vitamins and minerals

Some studies show that bio fruits and vegetables are richer in vitamins and minerals. This is due to the differences amongst the used fertilisers, soil composition and the harvest not being too premature.

–          Bioproducts offer oldschool flavour

It is usual to listen to some people comment that vegetables are not as tasty as they used to be. However, bioproducts maintain this flavour and fragrance. This is one of the main reasons these products are consumed.

Chemical fertilisers increase water content in products, making Bioproducts have less water levels in comparison, making them have higher aromatic agent concentration.

–          There are less additives in Bioproducts

Conventional Food Industry counts with high quantities of additives to help improve taste, texture, appearence, elongate life and reduce costs. Meanwhile, Bioproducts can only contain a few of these additives.

They may seem benefitial, but in real life, they are thought to be harmful for our health taking part in allergies up to increasing childhood hiperactivity.


–          Bioproducts are safer

These products are compromissed to undertake more quality controls than conventional products. European Comission stablishes that Bioproducts must at least undertake a yearly exam, which will guarrantee security in production processes.

Health benefits for eating Bioproducts

A published article in the British Journal of Nutrition generated out of 343 analysis ensures that Bioproducts contain from 19% to 69% more antioxidants than conventional fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants help prevent notoriously degenerative and cardiovascular disseases.

In addition, shifting from conventional fruits and vegetables to biological ones is equivalent to incresing by one or two pieces more to the 5 recommended per day. Also, Bioproducts contain smaller levels of toxic metals such as cadmium.

Furthermore, there is increasing empirical evidence that shows that Bioproducts present higher content in Vitamins and minerals plus these products being treated biologically have bigger organoleptic atributes.

Nowadays, profiles who consume these products have changed due to their democratization, which is openning new consumer segments on the field.

Generally speaking, bioconsumers are well informed, they take time to read product tags and know how to identify Bioproducts. Consumption has extended throughout Spain together with the quantity consumed weekly, which has increased to twice a week on average. Also, 25% of consumers of these products actually take it daily or nearly daily.

According to the Users and Consumers Organisation, consumers are:

–               Women (56% over the total)

–               Quite Young: average age is 40 years old

–               Live in big cities

–               Consume 2 Bioproducts per week on average (30%)

–               Fruits and vegetables are the most popular

–               One out of 3 is a medium or high class citizen

–               2 out of 3 are employed

–               More common in households with kids under the age of 12.

In last place, our country is on the lead of Europe in terms of biological production since we count with 1.610.129 hectares of land dedicated to this type of agriculture. This is due to the increasing demand since more people are willing to consume products which are close to their environment and are compromised with sustainability. Moreover, people are getting better informed about authentic Bioproducts.

We hope this article about Bioproducts has been helpful for you. If you’d like to take a look at our products, visit our website.


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