Privilege Tomato

Privilege is characterized by its search for a traditional taste with a strongly firm product and a special color and taste, being harvested at their exact point of ripeness. It is a red and brilliant fruit, compact and intense. Their taste is sweet and much appreciated by their consumers.



Pimiento verde encajado

5 kg

Categoría I


Flowpack Tricolor

10x500 g

Categoría I


Pimiento cuerno blanco

3 kg

Categoría I


Pimiento encajado

5 kg

Categoría I


Pimientorojo encajado

5 kg

Categoría I

Privilege Pepper

Privilege only works the best peppers, previously harvested by expert hands, controlling the process all along the way to guarantee all its qualities till it is consumed. Quality is our Leit-Motiv and our consumers know this.


Privilege Eggplant

The eggplant is a well adapted species to the Mediterranean area. Its elongated shape and thin and shiny skin is very attractive, not mentioning its healthy properties. Privilege makes the most of the product and the production area to serve our clients and supply them with an undeniable source of vitamins and an unmistakable and unbeatable taste.


Privilege Zucchini

The Zucchini, same as the eggplant, is a product which is well adapted to the characteristic climate and soil of our Mediterranean production area. Privilege takes care of carrying out the best selection during the harvesting and later packaging, presenting the product in an exquisite way with an unmistakable taste.


Privilege Lettuce

Privilege takes care of its consumers and lettuce is a very healthy food. Lettuce has carminative properties, freeing the organism of the so annoying flatulence. Lettuce improves the circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis and lowering the cholesterol levels. It is sedative, since it has a tranquilizing effect. It helps to calm the nerves, control palpitations and sleep better at nights, avoiding sleeplessness.


Privilege Broccoli

Broccoli belongs to the family of the cruciferous vegetables, related to cauliflower and cabbages. It is outstanding due to its vitamin A richness, its vitamin C, phosphorous, folic acid, potassium and iron, being a very important element of the Mediterranean diet. It has been described as the vegetable with the highest nutritious value per weight unit of an edible product. Its main component is water, wherefore its calorific value is very low.



Saco rafia granel

15 / 20 kg

Categoría I

Privilege Onion

Our onion is grown in different areas depending on the season to ensure the appropriate harvesting and the freshest product. Only when reaching its full ripeness and optimum caliber to develop all its vitamin and anti-oxidant properties, so highly valued all around the world, it is harvested and packaged for our clients.