Cubre, papel de seda y sticks en la capa superior

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Privilege Orange

For Privilege we have selected the best Mediterranean orange varieties. They are all juicy, have an intense color, some being more acidic and some sweeter, but all of them without exception have been selected by our experts due to their excellent quality and Mediterranean flavor. From the beginning of October till June we offer the best oranges of the Mediterranean coast.



Cubre, papel de seda y sticks en la capa superior

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Privilege Lemon

Our Privilege Lemon is fresh, sweet-scented and healthy. It has always enjoyed considerable popularity all around the world due to its culinary versatility and its unbeatable nutritional and medicinal characteristics. Grown in the Mediterranean it gathers all the organoleptic characteristics which configure a great product.



MANDARINA hoja con cubre

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Privilege Mandarin

The Mediterranean light, sun and heat allow us to produce the best tangerines in Europe and probably in the world. Privilege is no exception and due to a careful selection we manage to supply our product with the best taste and looks. From September till June we offer the best tangerine of the Mediterranean.