Growing the finest fruit

Growing the finest fruit

Growing the finest fruit

Growing the finest fruit

Own production



Nowadays, our products reach more than 33 countries all around the world, consolidating CONSORFRUT as a leading company in the fruit and vegetable sector.
We are continuously searching for tastier and stronger future varieties.


Our more than 9.500 acres of agricultural holdings in different areas around the world allow us to produce more than 22 fruit and vegetable varieties, guaranteeing our clients a continuous service all around the year of fresh seasonal products.

Global Company


We rely on production plants, storage and logistical centers, equipped with the most modern control and traceability processes.
What’s more, we have our own greenhouses to develop our own plants, as well as production laboratories for biological control. We guarantee the client the best service and a supply volume and quality, as required in any part of the world.


More than 15 years on the global market and the trust of thousands of clients consolidate us as an international company.
Our facilities in Poland (Consorfrut Polska) are the most modern in the country, with great cold storage capacities and the best banana degreening installations.

The taste of a great product


The fruits and vegetables commercialized under our brands Sunflavour, Privilege and Mephistus, excel due to their exceptional looks, texture and taste, explaining their presence on the main wholesale markets and supermarket chains all over the world.


The consumers demand seasonal fruits and vegetables, which maintain an excellent appearance and an optimum quality, as expected of any fresh product with an exquisite flavor. Of all the varieties we work with, we take special care of each one of the specific properties of the product, from its harvesting on the fields, till its arrival at the homes.