If there is a citrus that has millions of fans around the world that is orange and, in Consorfrut we are very proud to have it among the wide variety of products we offer to our customers.

Sure, at first glance, you can recognize an orange; its round and orange-colored appearance gives it away.

Originally from southeastern China and northern Burma, the orange tree has been gaining ground within Spanish territory so today it is very easy to find it all over Spain and, moreover, in the area of Levante. The best months to find oranges are those that go from January to May but, little by little, and thanks to technological advances it is possible to enjoy this citrus practically all year, particularly from October to June.

Its use is mainly fresh, although it is also very common to make juice or jams. Its flavor and versatility make it also an excellent companion in cooking recipes helping to give an acid or sweet touch depending on the variety of orange you want to choose.

Would you like to know more about this delicious taste citrus fruit?

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Organoleptic properties of orange

The composition of orange per 100g is as follows:

  • Calories: 36.6
  • Carbohydrates: 8.9g
  • Fiber: 2.3g
  • Potassium: 200mg
  • Magnesium: 15.2mg
  • Calcium: 41mg
  • Vitamin C: 50.6mg
  • Folic acid: 38.7mcg
  • Beta-carotene: 49mcg

After seeing the organoleptic properties of the orange one can conclude that its high content of vitamins, calcium and folic acid make it a very healthy citrus fruit, so it should never be missing at home.

Orange has a high content of vitamin C, so the intake of an orange a day makes the minimum recommended needs of vitamin C. All this makes the oranges can counteract the colds and the flu. In addition, they have few saturated fats and cholesterol and sodium levels are low. To this we must add its low caloric intake because it has a large percentage of water, making its consumption ideal for those who bet on a healthy life in which they want to maintain an ideal weight.

What are the benefits of oranges for health?

Surely you are already aware that oranges provide a lot of benefits, who has not ever heard in his life that orange is the best ally to overcome the coldest winters? It is because their properties make it become the citrus reference for much of the year.

  • It can help prevent kidney stones because it is rich in citrates.
  • Its high flavonoid content means that the risk of suffering a heart attack is reduced.
  • Helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing future cardiovascular problems.
  • An orange juice in the morning is synonymous with an extra energy contribution to start the day.
  • Helps to reduce intestinal problems, because it purifies the organism and helps regulate the digestive system, thus avoiding severe episodes of diarrhea or constipation.
  • Vitamin C improves the production of collagen by making the tissues keep in a better state and therefore, you can look a better face.
  • It is an important help for people who suffer from anemia, so it is important that they take it daily.
  • Its intake is recommended for patients with type II diabetes, because, on the one hand, the fruit has low sugar and, on the other, being diuretic helps regulate the blood sugar of patients.
  • It is a perfect anti-aging treatment thanks to the high antioxidant content it has.
  • Improves blood circulation, so it can be helpful for people who suffer from hypertension.
  • Its high degree of vitamin C also acts on sight, specifically in anticipation of cataract formation and other visual problems.

Myths and truths about orange juice

orange privilege

There are a lot of myths and truths around this citrus so complete. To begin with, we are going to talk about the first information that comes to mind, are the vitamins going after squeezing an orange to make juice?

Surely you’ve heard your elders say that: “drink your juice or you’ll lose the vitamins” every time you squeeze an orange, right? Truth is that it is a myth, because vitamins are not gone so easily, even if you leave the juice in the glass for a while. It has been scientifically proven that they have to spend more than 12 hours so that the vitamins are not so high in the orange juice but we do not recommend waiting so much to drink the squeezed orange juice as it can become somewhat bitter.

What is certain is that the orange is more nutritious in the piece than in the juice, for example, there is more fiber in the piece than in the juice, so in juice we would practically lose this property of the orange. This means that with the juice, the absorption of sugar by our body is much faster. Another important aspect when choosing between juice or fruit is that the piece is more satiating, so the feeling of hunger and lack of satiety will disappear faster.

As you can see we are big fans of this citrus, both fruit and juice, but, after reading everything that can bring us, who is reluctant to enjoy an orange right now? In Consorfrut you can find our oranges under the brand Sunflavour, Privilege, Memphistus and La Parisienne.

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